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Kevin Duffy the author of the book "Harvesting Nature's Bounty" that has sold thousands of copies around the world offers several Nature Classes in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY area. He has been teaching many of these classes for over twenty years including the Patuxant Research Refuge in Maryland and Bernheim Forest in Kentucky. He can also design custom private classes as well. To set up a class call Kevin at 812-989-5010. Following is a description of some of the standard classes Kevin has taught over the years. Class and Book Signing Schedule.

Class Descriptions

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

In this class you will learn to identify, collect and use wild edible and medicinal plants as your ancient ancestor did. Native Americans regularly used over 1300 species for food and medicines. Learn to identify the best of the best local species that you can use to incorporate into your diet and herbal pharmacopeia.

  • How and where to forage for edible and medicinal plants. 
  • How to identify and collect wild edible and medicinal plants 
  • Other common uses of wild plants. 
  • The Edible Wild Plants Foraging Guidelines. 
  • Other interesting and useful nature lore. 

Wilderness Survival Shelter

In this class you will learn how to build an all weather shelter that will save your life even in severe sub-zero wheather. Versions of this shelter called the Debris Hut has been used by all primitive people throughout the world. This shelter can be built without any tools using readily avaiable materials found in nature. It can be built and used in a variety natural and unatural settings. This shelter can save your life.

  • How and where to build a natural shelter without tools that will protect from sub zero weather, rain, snow or sleet using only materials found in nature.  
  • How to select a site for a shelter. 
  • What materials to use in a shelter 
  • How to tune your shelter. 
  • We will actually build a functional shelter as a group.  

Introduction to Tracking Class

Our brains have evolved to excel in the ancient art of Tracking.  Primitive mans very survival depended on it. Although most modern people have very little knowledge of these skills in modern society, major parts of our brains functionality has been designed specifically for these skills and lays mostly dormant. Awakening these capabilities will open a whole new world of your perception of reality. Many of these skills developed in tracking can be used in any modern learning, social, or business applications. This class will teach how to begin the process of awakening this natural and powerful part of your awareness and skills.

  • What Tracking is 
  • The Ten Arts of Tracking  
  • How Learning to Track will Benefit you 
  • After the lecture we will do some actual Dirt-Time 

Advanced Movement and Awareness in Nature

This class will begin with a one hour lecture and two hours of Dirt Time where you will learn to blend in and experience nature on Nature’s terms. Bring pen and notebook. At the end of the class you will be blinfolded and walk quietly and confidently in Nature using your new skills of "Seeing and Moving" in nature without the assistants of your eyesight. This exercise is called the Drum Stalk and you will be Blown Away by this experience. It is usually conducted barefooted in shorts and short-sleeved shirts for maximum tactile awareness.

  • What is Nature Awareness 
  • How to become more aware 
  • How to move with the flow of nature 
  • How to become one with your natural surroundings 
  • How to see more and experience more in nature

Discovering the Unseen Secrets in Nature

Learn how to see and experience more in nature than you ever believed possible. Open up an entirely new world of sensory perception. Learn the Native American way of Communicating with Nature. Learn to move and observe the fabric of nature as an insider and not visitor. You will also learn "Seeing and Moving" in nature without the assistants of your eyesight. This exercise is called the Drum Stalk and you will be Blown Away by this experience. It is usually conducted barefooted in shorts and short-sleeved shirts for maximum tactile awareness. Become One with Nature! Bring notebook and pen.

  • What is Nature Awareness 
  • Temporal Cadence
  • Quietness
  • Vision
  • “Seeing” and “Knowing”
  • The Six Senses
  • Awareness
  • Dirt Time
  • Drum Stock
  • The Secret Spot

Fire Making with the Bow Drill

Learn how to make and use this most ancient of fire building techniques. The bow drill has been used by all primitive peoples around the world to make fire. Bring notebook and pen.

  • Learn to make a Bow Drill 
  • What materials are necessary 
  • Which woods are best 
  • How to find and make tender 
  • The techiniques for making a fire with the bow drill 
  • Tips and Tricks 

Finding Safe Water in Nature

Learn how to find and collect safe drinking water in nature using readily available materials and tools. There a both chemical and natural biological threats must be avoided. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find safe drinking water in North America as usually either biological or chemical threats are present in ost sources.

  • Learn how to find and collect safe water in nature 
  • Where to look and how to collect 
  • We will not be using methods such as asolar still that require impossible to find supplies in nature 
  • Multiple methods will be discussed and demonstrated 

Hunting with the Primative Throwing Stick

The very first hunting weapon of modern man was the throwing stick. There are also many advanced versions of this handy and effective weapon. Learn how to make and use this wonderful tool. The pinacle of evolution of this weapon is the boomerang. Bring notebook and pen.

  • Learn how to find and make a primitive throwing stick 
  • How to make advanced throwing sticks 
  • Discuss the techniques for using the the throwing stick 
  • Demonstrate and practice using the throwing sticks using tree log targets 

Edible Wild Plants Lunch

Cossack Asparagus Cattail

Lamb's Quarters

Jurusalem Artichoke

Arrowhead Poison Look Alike

Cattail Torches



Wild Morel

Persimmon Pudding

Wildersness Survival Shelter

Wild morel mushrooms survival food

Hooiser Banana Wild pawpaw pie wild edible

Wild Allspice Spicebush

Cattail Torches Wilderness Survival

Prickly Pear Cactus Wild vegetable

Echinacea Medicinal Herb

Medicinal herb Soldiers woundwort

Persimmon Pudding
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